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Friendly Young Doctor

Health Insurance

Access to the care you need

We can help you choose a plan that fits your needs and budget, works with your doctors, providing access to the support of a full team of professionals. This is the first step in protecting your health and your wealth!

Online Meeting
Healthy Holdiays quote

Facebook Challenge and Support Group

Along with your health plan, you'll have private access to our Viva Wellness Community. Join a supportive environment to share ideas, questions and success stories. I'll be sharing recipes, tips and tricks, as well as creating monthly challenges with incentives & prizes. 

Don't go it alone! Join others on their journey to a healthier, happier life! Coming January 2022

Stones of Meaning

Wellness Success Planning

Book a FREE Goal Setting Consultation

Overwhelmed with where to start? I get it, I was there once too! Let's chat and see where I can help. No cost, no obligation - and if  my services aren't a great fit, I can point you in the right direction with one of my trusted care partners. Book a call today, your future self will thank you!

Yoga Stretches

Permanent Healthy Weight Loss Program

Start living Leaner NOW!

Restrictive diets don’t work! And one diet does NOT fit all – or we would only have one diet, right?

Want to get off the diet rollercoaster? Get the individualized support you need, designed to work within your current life. Learn to create better habits within your preferred dining style so that you can lose weight and FINALLY KEEP IT OFF!.

Custom Focused Healthy Success Plans

Personalized One on One Coaching

Need that extra push from a coach and mentor? I’ll meet you where you’re at and be with you every step of the way! Customized monthly program based on YOUR health goals. Includes weekly action steps, coaching calls and daily accessibility through text, email and messenger. Let's design a program that's right for YOU!


Corporate Wellness

12 Months to happy, healthy and productive employees!

Want to attract motivated and talented employees? Think outside the box and offer a wellness program! Bi-weekly communications, monthly themes and challenges for the entire team. Stand alone or join other businesses to create a culture of team and community.

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