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My Story

Hi I’m Christina,


I moved to Florida from New England in 2014 to be with family in Sarasota County. I love the sunshine, beaches and palm trees, and haven’t looked back! I’ve made some great friends here, and enjoy spending time with my two dogs, kayaking, and window shopping in our small beach towns.


Formerly a chef with a degree from Newbury College, I transitioned into finance and earned my broker & insurance licenses, eventually finding my passion in health insurance in 2010 just before the passage of the Affordable Care Act. As an avid learner, I enjoy staying up to date on the never-ending changes, and have also earned certifications in Corporate Wellness and Health Coaching, utilizing my culinary and nutrition experience to further incorporate preventive wellness into my business.

Specializing in individual health insurance and small business plans, I enjoy helping people choose the right plan for their needs, while answering all their questions. I work as an independent agent under Earp Enterprises based on their commitment to integrity, carrier relationships, and community involvement.

VHW Benefits Advisors

Get more than a health plan, because you deserve more

Do you have your annual mammograms & routine colonoscopies? I do, and I hope you do too. Why, because it’s important to protect our health. But what do these actually prevent? Do they prevent cancer? No, they actually screen for cancer, preventing a later diagnosis. But what if you could actually take steps to prevent cancer in the first place?


That’s where Viva Health & Wellness come in! We all need health insurance, so that we can avoid a financial collapse in a worst-case scenario, and I can help with these. And some insurance plans include “preventive” screenings so that you receive an early diagnosis and a better outcome. But let’s face it, the insurance companies benefit by the lower costs associated with an earlier diagnosis as well, so it’s in their best interest to screen for diseases like cancer, diabetes & heart disease, which can be very costly to treat over a lifetime.


But what about what they’re not screening for, like diseases of the gut and auto-immune? These can also be serious, potentially life-altering conditions. But they’re not as straight forward and cost effective for insurance companies to cover those screenings, are they? This is what sets Viva Health and Wellness Benefits Advisors apart.


When you purchase your health insurance policy with us, you will also be invited to join the Viva Health and Wellness community. You will have access to a wealth of resources and available programs to help you understand and better protect your health, and live a life of extraordinary health, and wealth!

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